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With their initial start in 2007, new ideas were formed around becoming a property and consulting group. As the business grew and new opportunities presented themselves, they started to see a gap in sports marketing and media technology that truly understood the power of using digital media to generate revenue. As they pushed the boundaries with digital media and analytics, they soon evolved into a global sports and entertainment company. As the business grew, they realized that they had not created a full brand. And like that, 4Front was born. They were no longer just a sports and entertainment firm, 4Front became a team full of innovators, strategists, and creatives who strive to disrupt the disruptors.

4Front works to drive traditional & nontraditional revenue growth. They have been able to team up and advise organizations of all sizes on issues and opportunities related to marking, revenue generation, ticket sales, and analytics for revenue growth since their branding.



4Front’s story is a true example of what success can look like if you constantly adapt and evolve your business. They originally identified themselves as a consulting group but continued to explore opportunities until it grew into becoming a nimble and collaborative full-service digital media agency with a worldwide presence.

Although this is impressive, we know that we could help take them one step further by creating a brand that represented not being confined or limited. A brand that inspires the sports and entertainment industry to find comfort in the uncomfortable, challenging the status quo and redefining the possible. We wanted to help 4Front become stronger so that they could help their partners own their moment in time.

Some of their partners include UFC, Chicago Bears, Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild, New York Mets, and much more.


4Front's mission is to put its partners at the 4FRONT of sports & entertainment by using innovation, creativity, and insights to solve problems, and drive growth while creating deeper & long-lasting connections.


With the mission to find comfort in the uncomfortable, we wanted to take the brand further by creating a mark that represented taking a risk with out-of-the-box thinking. 4Front wanted something with implied motions given the action-packed industry they primarily work with.

With our exploration, we started with several marks that tied the idea of forward-thinking to unique shapes that resembled the letter 4. Once we were happy with the initial marks, we then started to play with typography to help add a bold and professional look.

The final logo lockup positions the mark on top of the logotype, demanding an authoritative and strong stance. The mark uses the letter 4 symmetrical to create an upward arrow that is breaking out of its container, representing out-of-the-box thinking and implied motion.



To help further the brand’s image and customer experience, we wanted to make sure all the print materials felt consistent with the new branding and website. We worked towards creating a company brand guide to help guide 4front with any additional marketing materials they need. We also helped them get started with a full print package that included business cards, letterheads, custom folders, and poster advertising. The look was designed to match the loyalty and boldness that 4front brings to its customers.



Our work began by understanding the pages that 4Front would need. We wanted to strategize the goals of each page so that the story we told could be educational and effective for the customer’s journey. Once we understood the content and goals, we went to the drawing board, creating that helps showcase who 4front is, their mission, and how they can help you cross your own goal line. And with every project, we developed mobile considerations to helo the brand scale as they continue to grow.




With a stacked logo having such a dominant stance, we designed a navigation system that worked it. The navigation is direct, clean, and easy to use to help further the user’s journey on the website. The hero unit plays into the deep blues, but offers clear messaging with a motion background to help engage the user when they first land on the website.



A bold brand with confidence that is ready to help its customers score the run, beat the buzzer, cross the goal line, and get the deserved applause.