Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen

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Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen was founded by Chef Caleb Summers with the intent of bringing wholesome, healthy, and delicious foods to families across the nation. Paleo is short for Paleolithic – a period of time where humans ate what they gathered & hunted… not what big companies processed, genetically modified, and put in a box. With Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen’s inspiration to be a clean eating company, we were stoked that they came to us to help them give their brand a fresh new look as they were prepared to open several new locations.

They wanted their brand to feel modern and approachable to new customers.  Being healthy is important to Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen and they wanted their brand to represent that. Knowing they were going to have multiple locations, we wanted to be sure to give them a look that was inviting and cohesive with each location.

We were able to further assist Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen by extending their brand through marketing materials, brand guides, and mailers.



Exploration was key with Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen and any branding project we work on. With Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen, they wanted to logo to be legible, and modern, and to incorporate a “hunter” to represent the lifestyle and roots of our diet. We kept the color palette simple with a set of warmer-toned grays and a bright green to help add extra freshness and warmth to the brand’s overall aesthetic.



Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen didn’t have a website, but with several new websites opening they wanted to make it easy for users to find their locations and make an online order. Additionally, we built a landing page that allowed customers to earn rewards by spreading the love to their friends and family. This campaign allowed Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen to capture emails and build a strong list of individuals that could target for future promotions.

One of the ways we helped them reach new audiences was through a set of cohesive banner ads with unique and fun messaging to help draw in new customers. These ads helped shed light on why Paleo is better and how Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen was successfully creating a tasteful product.



Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen didn’t want to just stop with new branding and website, they wanted to come into the market strong with a cohesive look with all their new storefronts. We were able to offer brand support by creating a brand guide that could be used to help set standards in each store. To help get the brand spread the new look, we created a set of postcards to help promote who Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen was and what food products they offer.



We worked with the Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen team to come up with brand guides that would help create a cohesive aesthetic for all their new stores. This brand guide outlined the mission of the company, marketing strategies, aesthetics, and brand standards.



Postcards are simple, but an effective way to advertise. They are low cost, high impact, and perfect for small businesses which is why we strategically chose them as our method of reaching new customers with the campaign that Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen was running.


A fresh new look that offers Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen a way to promote their clean eating style and advertise to a variety of potential new customers. This low-carb way of eating keeps your body work at optimal levels and we believe this new modern look for Evolve Juicery & Paleo Kitchen will do the same for their brand!

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