Kaylyn and Whitley

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The idea came to light when Kaylyn (a fashion model) and Whitley (a fashion designer) decided to start a luxury clothing and jewelry line with a focus on creating handcrafted, timeless pieces. There is something special about owning a timeless piece of jewelry or clothing that makes you feel special, and they wanted to bring that feeling of luxury to their customers by offering the perfect collection to be worn with every special occasion.

Kaylyn and Whitley were in need of a brand that felt timeless and luxurious to help distinguished them from other competitors in the luxury clothing and jewelry business.



As a Hybrid of two names, the line reflects the confluence of two unique design aesthetics into one cohesive and timeless collection. In the process of rebranding these two names into one, we wanted the final piece to feel custom, luxurious, and sophisticated. The symbol is a unique custom combination between their two names made of “k” and “w”. The outer ring represents the shape of jewelry but also helps merge the names into one while offering a unique-looking mark that could be used with products they products, or future marketing materials.