The power of a good typeface

Helvetica, Poppins, Oh my!


1. It Communicates the Brand’s Personality: Fonts have personalities, just like people do. Choosing the right font can help communicate the brand’s personality and values to its target audience. For example, a bold, modern sans-serif font might be appropriate for a tech startup, while a classic serif font might be a better fit for a law firm.


2. It Enhances Readability: The right font can improve readability and make it easier for the audience to consume the information presented in the design. For example, a simple, easy-to-read sans-serif font might be appropriate for a long-form article, while a decorative font might be distracting and make it harder to read.


3. It Sets the Tone: Fonts can set the tone for a design project, whether it’s serious and professional, playful and fun, or somewhere in between. Choosing the right font can help establish the mood and tone of the design and make it more effective in communicating its message.


4. It Differentiates the Brand: With so many brands and designs out there, it’s essential to differentiate your client’s brand from the competition. Choosing a unique font that stands out from the crowd can help make the brand more memorable and recognizable to its target audience.


5. It Conveys Emotion: Fonts can also convey emotion and help create a connection between the brand and its audience. For example, a handwritten font might be appropriate for a brand that wants to create a personal, intimate connection with its customers, while a bold, geometric font might be better for a brand that wants to convey strength and stability.



In conclusion, choosing the right font for a client is a powerful tool that can help communicate the brand’s personality, enhance readability, set the tone, differentiate the brand, and convey emotion. As a designer, it’s important to understand the nuances of typography and choose the right font for each project to create an effective and impactful design.

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