Campaigns and Elections

A political digital magazine that is dedicated to being the go-to resource for political campaign professionals.

The challenge

Campaigns and Elections is a trade magazine that covers political campaigns, focused on tools, tactics, and techniques of the political consulting profession. Campaigns and Elections approached our partner Equalized Digital to do a WCAG-compliant project to help raise their platform to the same height as some of their competitors.

The outcome

We were able to create a full desktop and mobile web experience that allows users to easily browse hundreds of articles and resources, and an easy way to gain access through membership access.

Web Design

We were able to create a timeless design that allows users to dive deep into a variety of different articles, and to sign up for a membership. Like all the information site-wide, we wanted to make sure that information was clearly articulated on each page. We provide a quick and clear way to communicate what is unique about each package. Beyond the nitty gritty, we design pages for rising individuals, recent awards, article archives, and much more.

Mobile Designs

A majority of Campaigns and Elections users use mobile devices, so we wanted to make sure that each page was optimized for multiple devices.

Easy To Navigate

Even with mobile designs, we made it easy for users to quickly navigate to different pages. Given the bread and butter of their business is allowing people to read, we wanted to make sure the articles scale down to make it the best experience possible.

WCAG Compliant

We wanted to make sure Campaigns and Elections stood out, but one of the challenges was making the font and color choices meet AA-compliant standards. With an existing color palette, we had to modify some of the colors to meet the WCAG standard without jeopardizing the overall established brand aesthetic.