Shambliss security

A cyber security company that helps protect your business with a completely new identity and website.

The Challenge

The primary goal Shambliss Security was looking to solve with this custom website build and branding project was to drive potential customers to get in touch so they could schedule a consultation. By keeping the sitemap simple, this website is easy to navigate educating users on benefits, statistics, and information about Shambliss Security to help drive those individuals toward conversion.


Its minimalist design surfaces actions with few distractions and presents additional actions and opportunities to become educated on related issues and their sister programs.

Branding With Movement

The groundwork on which everything is built: the brand. We began by sketching concepts and digitally exploring ideas that would represent a strong and secure brand. The logo needed to be approachable, but clearly represent technology and ever-changing field.

Logo Application

As we worked through different brand materials, we wanted to make sure the logo would work across multiple different use cases, whether that was in full-color or single-color applications.

Business Cards

A good business card and handshake should be all it takes to close a deal. We designed these business cards to reflect the brand in a visually pleasing way.

A Forward Thinking Design

Every strong brand deserves a bold website. The Shambliss Security website helps customers quickly learn about what Shambliss offers its customers and what sets its services apart from some of the other competitors.


Appearance is everything. We wanted to ensure users were able to access the website on a range of different devices by developing a website that scaled. This allows users to have confidence that Shambliss Security is the preferred cycber security partner.