Advocate children’s hospital

As the fifth-largest Health Care nonprofit in the country, Advocate Children’s Hospital is kid-focused to help you feel close to home.

The challenge

Advocate Children’s Hospital reached out to us in need of some updates to a banner for an annual bowling and bocce party. Our task was to take a previous banner design and recreate it with a new name, look, and feel. As we dove in, we had to match the brand’s typeface, recreate several pieces, and rework the composition.

The outcome

After some minor troubleshooting, photo-editing, and exploration, we created pieces that Advocate Children’s Hospital would be proud to hang. The results were exactly what they were looking for and we can’t wait to see this hung during their next event!

Honoring The Patient

After our introduction, we quickly realized this project was much more significant and heartfelt than we intentionally thought. To Advocate Children’s Hospital this wasn’t just a bowling and bocce party, this was an annual event that was now in honor of a young patient that had recently passed. Our final concept includes the patient’s image in the piece, as the event is now named in honor of him.


More Than Design

Rawcut Creative Company’s mission from the get-go has always been to help others through creative solutions. One of the great aspects about well-designed work is having the ability to bring awareness to different causes. After hearing about the patient’s story, we couldn’t wait to get started on the new banner that was going to help bring awareness to the work Advocate Children’s Hospital was doing and add smiles to many other kids in events to come.

Recreating Graphics

While we had plenty of inspiration to work off of, we didn’t have all the assets that were required to rebuild the banner that they previously had. Our team got to work and recreated some of their fun characters, creating a more fun and inviting brand.

Delivering Variaitons

We delivered a variation that utilized all illustrative characters and general text as an option to keep the patient’s name private.

Delivering Variaitons

The patient’s family was honored to have the event named after their son, Colton Darr. This version uses an image of Colton and the animals combined.


“These are absolutely amazing! They turned out so so good. I have nothing but good things to say about RCC and its services. He was also interested in making a donation to the Children’s Hospital.”

Julia Tyzenhaus, RN-BSN

Advocate Children’s Heart