Nourished Group

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Nourished Group has helped connect brands to millions of gluten-free and specialty diet households. In 2007, Jen Cafferty, founder and CEO of Nourished Group, realized that living gluten-free is a lifestyle and not a diet. As her family dove into it, she quickly realized living gluten-free isn’t as easy as it seems. At the time, there were very few gluten-free items available and many of the products didn’t taste the best. This left a gap in the market, especially for individuals that were diagnosed with celiac disease or had a gluten intolerance and didn’t know how to cook. It started with small Gluten-Free expos, and as new brands have come into the marketplace, they started adding more cities across the US to shows that are now called “Nourished Festivals”.

In 2013, Jen partnered with Jason Elmore, founder of the “Find Me Gluten Free” app that has helped millions of people annually find safe places to eat locally. As the industry started growing, Nourished Group was born. Every year they help over 500 brands reach thousands of loyal gluten-free and specialty diet customers.

With the growth of the company, Nourished Group was in need of a brand new website that established them as leaders in the industry, connecting millions of gluten-free customers to brands every year, while staying true to their purpose-driven values.



We wanted to create an easy-to-navigate experience that allowed users to learn about Nourished Group and what Nourished group could offer. Knowing most of the brands they are targeting struggle to find a cost-effective way to reach new consumers, we wanted to make sure our calls to action were easy to identify and strategically placed to make it easy for users to connect with one of Nourished Group’s experts.

The brand uses bright colors to help add excitement and represent the growth of the industry. We knew we wanted to capitalize on the bright color palette to help the website feel friendly and approachable without over-utilizing the secondary colors.  One of the unique ways we used bright colors was to help separate content through color categorization. Ultimately creates a learned user experience to help items become easier to find and digest.



We wanted to create a way that allows users to easily navigate the services Nourished Group offers on the homepage in addition to the primary navigation. This solution allows users to get a first look to understand how Nourished Group can help their brand thrive through social media, marketing, product development, and much more.



One of the major selling points for Nourished Group is the number of brands that they have worked with. With thousands of large Gluten-Free and Speciality Diet brands in their portfolio, we knew this was something we had to showcase. Not only does it help build trust with brands thinking to partner with Nourished Group, but it also shows the impact they are making with consumers that do have Gluten-Free or Speciality Diet needs.



Photography is always a great way to add a friendly and personal touch to the website. With Nourished Group, their whole business is connecting brands with consumers. Showing that connection through imagery was something we knew would add new life to the website and display Nourished Group in action at their trade shows.



A majority of the target audience viewed the website on their mobile devices, so we wanted to be sure that the new website was built to scale to help drive the UX to smaller screens. Our development team worked carefully to insure each pixel scaled correctly.


A beautiful easy-to-navigate website that showcases the services Nourished Group offers brands that want to partner with them. The website helps show that the Nourished Group is reliable, and trustworthy, and can help your brand grow by reaching millions of consumers. With a mix of testimonials, information on services, and clear calls to action, we feel this fresh new look will help Nourished Group continue to grow and make an impact with their customers.