Platinum elegance boudoir

A boudoir photography business that was looking to spread its awareness through a brand-new website.

The challenge

Platinum Elegance Boudoir came to us with a unique challenge. For this project, all the information needed to be displayed on one page, elegantly and cohesively. For us, that meant designing something that flowed flawlessly as the user interacted with the page.

The outcome

Our solution was creating a seductive layout that engages the user through large text, imagery, and well-defined sections. Though this project was only one page, the results of this project were stunning.

Web Design

We went with a black background to give the website a unique and elegant look. An anchor link functionality was added, allowing users to quickly find information once they land on the page. We added a subtle blur behind the navigation as you scroll down the page, creating a “reveal” effect, similar to what the photography represents. Each section was carefully considered to help tell the story of Platinum Elegance Boudoir.


Part of our strategy was to create sections that the user could interact with to learn more. Two major component of the project was showing off the work, and capturing emails for marketing purposes. Our design allows users to use the interactive gallery to expand images and view them on multiple screen sizes. We also created several opportunities for conversion through interactive marketing flyout windows. These flyout windows will be used for future marketing efforts, offing PDF downloads for boudoir tips.

Mobile Designs

We love making sure our designs look good on mobile devices and this project allowed us to customize how the mobile view would look and function by building off what we established with the desktop designs

Easy To Navigate

We wanted to make sure that the website stayed easy to navigate, and that all the marketing efforts worked flawlessly across multiple devices.

“Jacob and RCC have been a pleasure to work with. The design of my photography website is perfect – exactly what I hoped for. Thanks!”

Bernie Smith, Owner

Platinum Elegance Boudoir