Category Projects: Development

Platinum Elegance Boudoir

The challenge Platinum Elegance Boudoir came to us with a unique challenge. For this project, all the information needed to be displayed on one page, elegantly and cohesively. For us, that meant designing something that flowed flawlessly as the user interacted with the page. The outcome Our solution was creating a seductive layout that engages […]

Campaigns and Elections

The challenge Campaigns and Elections is a trade magazine that covers political campaigns, focused on tools, tactics, and techniques of the political consulting profession. Campaigns and Elections approached our partner Equalized Digital to do a WCAG-compliant project to help raise their platform to the same height as some of their competitors. The outcome We were […]


The Challenge The primary goal Shambliss Security was looking to solve with this custom website build and branding project was to drive potential customers to get in touch so they could schedule a consultation. By keeping the sitemap simple, this website is easy to navigate educating users on benefits, statistics, and information about Shambliss Security […]

Nourished Group

The Story Nourished Group has helped connect brands to millions of gluten-free and specialty diet households. In 2007, Jen Cafferty, founder and CEO of Nourished Group, realized that living gluten-free is a lifestyle and not a diet. As her family dove into it, she quickly realized living gluten-free isn’t as easy as it seems. At the […]